Introduction: What is Silly Season?

I've used the term 'Silly Season' because I like a bit of alliteration.

Is it a thing?

Well it's the only way I could think of collectively badging those times of the year when a significant number of people celebrate the same occasion at the same time.  These are often rooted in religion (although not always!) but are more likely these days to be a time to celebrate the joy of life and those around us - by bestowing gifts upon loved ones.

I'm talking about things like Mother's and Father's day, Christmas, Eid, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Valentine's Day etc etc.  

The times when everyone goes a little bonkers and you (hopefully) have a full order book.

A full order book is brilliant - but if you don't manage it well (or don't have one!) it can be a source of stress.

So this course is designed to help you make the most of whatever Silly Seasons that are celebrated where you live and maximise your opportunity to grow or sustain your business.

Just to clarify, there are seasonal events that take place - for example maybe you get lots of Christenings or Naming Ceremonies in Spring; or Weddings in the Summer.  But these won't all be on one day.  So it's a proper season, just not Silly Season as I define it.

Lesson Activity

Make a list of all the Silly Seasons that are celebrated where you live and the date they are generally celebrated and a rough period when you would expect to receive a rush of orders around.

For example, in the UK, Christmas day is 25th December.  I accept Christmas-only orders between on 23rd and 24th December.

It's my birthday on December 21st so I don't do any orders on the 22nd so I don't spend my birthday fretting too much! 


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