Welcome to Practically Perfect Piping

Welcome to Practically Perfect Piping - the perfect place to learn how to pipe beautiful buttercream flowers.

Whether you've never picked up a piping bag - or you're an experienced piper, there's always something new that you can learn and we're here to support your journey.

Our courses are packed with practical tips on how to achieve beautiful work.  Things don't always go to plan and we firmly believe in making sure that you know how to overcome challenges to create the best work you can.

The range of courses will be expanded regularly throughout 2022 as we create new content for differing audiences.

You can choose from a range of options, mixing self-paced learning with the live classes that are offered to complement our Piping Essentials and Practically Perfect Piping courses.

Available Products

Piping Essentials 2022

Our comprehensive beginners level buttercream piping course, for those that want to learn at their own pace

Signature Rose

Learn how to create the Becca's Bouqcakes Signature Rose, the perfect centre to any bouqcake

Floral Traybake

Floral traybakes are a great way to produce a budget-friendly, statement cake to add to your product portfolio.

Bunnies and Hedgehogs

Create cute Bunny and Hedgehog cupcakes, perfect for all sorts of occasions.

Mastering the Madness

Are you ready to Master the Madness?  Learn how to maximise your time and sales on big business days

Flower Power Hour

Want to turn your business up a notch?  Book a Power Hour to work on specific challenges in your business.

Succulents (Beta)

Learn how to pipe buttercream succulents and apply them to a variety of different cake designed.

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