Mastering the Madness

This course will teach you how to maximise sales on those crazy days when everyone wants to share cake with their loved ones.  Mother's Day, Father's Day, End of School Year, St Patricks, Eid, Christmas... and so many more.  You'll learn how to design a time efficient product, market to your ideal client and handle more orders in a couple of days than you ever thought possible!

Oh and did we say it includes our Piping and Bouquet Wrapping tutorials, all for free?

8 Modules

Introduction to Mastering the Madness

Find out what this course is all about and why it's THE perfect blend of business and cake making tutorials for maximising your small business.

What's On Offer? Design your Product

In this lesson you'll cover the basic principles of how to create a design that makes a statement and is time efficient!

Proper Planning Prevents...the six Ps

Proper Planning Prevents P... Poor Performance.  If you spend a bit of time planning, the rest will be a breeze.  This module will get you thinking about how to manage the big rush.

Keep 'em Coming Back

You've gained a raft of new clients - what do you do now?

More top tips to secure your business.

Skills Booster: Succulent Bowl (terrarium)

Create the perfect illusion gift for Silly Season - a succulent terrarium which is really made from buttercream and brownies.  So simple to create, yet so effective!

Skills Booster: Elegant Cupcakes

Learn how to create elegant cupcakes which can be quickly adapted for mass production for any silly season occasion.

Modules for this product 8
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