Piping Essentials 2022

Everything you ever needed to know to learn how to create beautiful buttercream cupcake flowers in one course!

Includes two bonus lessons teaching you how to use Russian Nozzles - including my favourite 'Bunnies and Hedgehogs' and the baby face cupcake topper


Piping Essentials 2022 is a brilliant course for beginners wanting to start piping buttercream flowers. Her teaching is super clear and the instructions are easy to follow. Alongside the downloadable guides which you can print out to keep, the course is truly is a great resource for anyone wanting to get started. Rebecca is extremely experienced in this aspect of buttercream craft. The course is well set out and in bite-sized chunks. Thoroughly recommended. - Karen M.

11 Modules

The Essentials

Everything you need to know to start piping on this course:

  • The perfect buttercream
  • Basic vanilla cupcakes
  • Essential kit list - the must haves and nice to haves
  • Beginners guide to colouring
  • Perfecting your pressure

One Nozzle, Two Easy Flowers

  • Learn to pipe two flower styles with the 2D  nozzle
  • Learn how to add accents with leaves, buds and berries
  • Learn how to achieve simple two toning in your piping
  • Create a simple three-flower cupcake


Using just two nozzles, create a beautiful sunflower.  Learn how to adjust pressure and how to shade your buttercream to take your sunflowers to the next level.

Petal flowers

The 'Petal' family of nozzles can be used to create a range of stunning designs.  Once you've mastered the basic technique, you can use a variety of nozzle sizes and buttercream shades to vary the flowers you create.

Perfect Peonies

One of my favourite flowers, this lesson will show you how to create two different types of peony using the #123 nozzle.

Mini Peonies and Hyacinth

***Free module*** to access, simply click into the lessons :)

In this module, you'll learn how to create a multi-flower cupcake with mini peonies and hyacinths.

Bonus Module - Introduction to Russian Nozzles

Russian nozzles are a quick way to add small, detailed flowers into your designs.   

Bonus Module - Bunnies and Hedgehogs

In this module, you'll use techniques you've already learned to create cute bunny and hedgehog cupcakes.  Perfect for kids of any age.

Bonus Module - Baby Cupcake Topper

In this module, you can learn how to create a cute, domed baby face topper which can then be added to a box of cupcakes or at the centre of a bouquet

Traybake Live

A bonus live session on floral traybakes was held on 1st May.  Watch on replay here.

Bouqcake Wrapping 2021

Originally filmed during our first foray into online tutorial creation, learn how to create and assemble a cupcake bouquet.

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